Science Quiz Class 1

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Science Quiz for Class 1

Science quiz class 1

You are going to learn science questions class 1 which are helpful for CBSE, ICSE or Olympiad Students. You can also visit other quizzes on different subjects like Maths quiz, English Quiz, Computer Quiz, Solar system Quiz, GK quiz,Sports Quiz, English Vocabulary,Logical riddles,animal quiz and many more. You can also practise multiplication time tables with score result. And all these things are totally free.

Science Quiz Class 1 or Grade 1

1. Which body part gives you the sense of sight?

2. Which is the fastest land animal on earth?

3. Which animal is known as “Ship of desert”?

4. Which is living thing?
   Cat or Bus

5. What is the name of our galaxy?
Milky way
Science quiz class 1
6.Which animal is Herbivore?
  Goat or Tiger

7. Teenagers grow into toddlers. (True/False)
8. What helps a mammal to breath?
   Lungs or Gills

9. Which is a vegetable?
   Cabbage or Watermelon

10. You must wash your hands before eating. (True/False)

Science quiz class 1 – More Quiz

11. What are your ears for?

12. Grass is a type of plant. (True/False)
13. What is the largest planet in the Solar System?

14. Which one of these animals is a carnivore?
  Zebra or Lion or Giraffe

15. Herbivores eat only plants. Which one of these animals is a herbivore?
  Fox or Eagle or Sheep

16. We can sense if we are hot or cold. Which part of us senses hot or cold?
  Eyes or Skin or Ears

17. What do we use to light our homes?
  The moon or Stars or Electricity

18. Nearly every animal makes sounds. Dogs make sounds. These dogs are _______ .
singing or barking or talking
19. Elephant live in Africa. Where else do elephants live?
  India or Japan or America

20. Which animal lays eggs?
  Dog or Duck

21. Human beings are mammal.(True/False)
22. Which animal gives us wool?
23. Which material is used to make glass?
  sand or plastic or wood

24. Rock and some metals are natural materials found in ground. True or False
25. Are reptiles and amphibians cold-blooded or warm-blooded?
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