Grade 3 English Quiz

Grade 3 English Quiz

Grade 3 English Test – What we provide?

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Hey, let’s test our knowledge and learn with fun from English quiz for Class 3 kids. We are here to providing you important and helpful contain for Grade 3 English question answers. English quiz in MCQ form which improvise English learning skills for Class 3 kids who are very keen to learn. The content includes English grammar quiz for grade 3 students which is full of knowledge for year 3 students. Here we provide simple and easy to understand question and answers which include 25 questions for class 3 kids which will be helpful for them to improve their English learning skills. We provide NCERT solution related question and answers for year 3 students those English quiz would helpful for ICSE boards students as well, ultimately it would provide platform for grade 3 kids to learn English with fun. As we all aware, English GK trivia quiz will helpful to Grade 3 kids for English Olympiad exam preparation. Hence, let’s start the journey to learn English with SHIV KIDS EDUCATION.

In this website, You are going to practice for English MCQ for class 3 students in very easy way. You will get 25 questions with multiple choice. If you would like to check your answer is correct or not then click on Show Answer button. At the end of practice, you will get result out of 25 quizzes.

You can also get class 3 GK quiz, Class 3 Maths quiz and grade 3 Science quiz on our website SHIV KIDS EDUCATION. In addition, there are so many subject wise quizzes are available for different classes. Regularly, We would add more quiz for Year 3 English exercise so your children can do more practice about it. If you wish to do a practice of GK through video, Please click on Grade 3 English Test

Class 3 English
1. The dog is sleeping _____ the table.

in under near

Show Answer under
2. Find common noun in given sentence.
  Our new puppy will be named peri.

Show Answer puppy
3. Complete the sentence with best article.
   Gary read ______ enjoyable book.

  a an the

Show Answer an
4. Find adjective in given sentence.
  I like blue dress.

  i blue dress

Show Answer blue
5. Select the best pronoun to complete sentence.
  ________ baby is dancing.

This These That

Show Answer This
6. What is the pronoun in this sentence ?
   Aarush made a snowman. He threw the ball.

He Aarush ball

Show Answer He
7.Complete the word to match the picture.

Show Answer Horse
8. What is an adverb?
 A word that shows action.  
 A word that describe a verb.  
Show Answer A word that describe a verb
9. See the picture and recognize action verb.

  Laugh     Scream     Cry  

Show Answer Laugh
10. Which word makes more sense in the sentence?
   It will ______ and then grow into a big plant.
Show Answer sprout
11. Put the words in order to make a complete sentence.

secret. a have I

Show Answer I have a secret.
12. Which is sentence fragment?
We looked for a puppy.
The pink flowers in the yellow pot.
Show Answer The pink flowers in the yellow pot.
13. Complete the sentence with correct form ofto have.
   He ______ two dogs and two cats.

had has

Show Answer has
14. Complete the sentence with correct past tense form of to be.
   It __________ Aarush’s birthday on Tuesday.

was were

Show Answer was
15. What is the opposite of here.

there their

Show Answer there
16. What is a bright color?

red read

Show Answer red
17. Which word fits in the sentence?
Trisha answered a _________about comic book.

question questions

Show Answer question
18. Complete the sentence with correct plural.
   The __________ (woman) played chess after cooking.

Show Answer women
19. Select the best pronoun to complete sentance.
  She smiled at ________ from across the road.

him himself

Show Answer him
20. Choose the correct past tense form of Sit

sits sat sitted

Show Answer sat
21. Which kind of sentence is this?
  Which is the best way to go school?

A question A statement

Show Answer A question
22. Which tense does the sentence use?
   Mom will love your surprise gift!

Past tense Present tense Future tense

Show Answer Future tense
23. Complete the sentence with best conjunction.
   Shipra is quiet ______ friendly girl.

so but or

Show Answer but
24. Which word is synonym of women?

lady teacher

Show Answer lady
25.Which word is antonym of day?

time night

Show Answer night

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