Logical Riddles

Logical Maths Riddles

1. I am positive odd number. I only have one digit. If you multiply me by myself, I equal a single digit.
     I am greater than 1. What number am I?
2. I am a two-digit number. My tens digit is 4 more than my ones digit.If you multiply me by 5,
     The estimated product is 300.What number am I?
3. You add 4 to me.You double the answer. You get 16.What number am I ?
4. I am a three digit number. My tens digit is 5 more than my ones digit.
     My hundreds digit is 8 less than my tens digit.What number am I ?
5. I am not odd number. I am higher than 40 but not higher then 65.
     If you subtract me from 50 then you get nothing.What number am I?
6. If you multiply this number by any other number,the answer will always be the same.
     What number is this?
7. When John was 8 years old, his little sister, Jenny, was half is age.If John is 48 years old today,
      How old is Jenny?
Show Answer 44 Years Old
8. Using only addition, how can you add four 4’s to get the number 500?
Show Answer 444 + 44 + 4 + 4 + 4
9. How many sides does a circle have?
Show Answer Two.The inside and the outside.
10. If six people meet each other and each shakes hands only once with each of the others,
       How many handshakes will there have been?
11. We are three different numbers,We give the same result when we multiplied and added together,
      What we are?
Show Answer 1,2 and 3
12. I am a one digit number, When you add me in two digits number,
      Result becomes three digits number,What am I?
13. I am a number,I give same result when I added and multiplied with myself.What am I?
14. When you count by twos, I am greater than 42 but less than 45. What number I am?
15. I am an odd number. You don’t say me when you count by fives.
       I am greater than 51 but less than 57, what number am I?

Maths Riddles – What we provide?

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