Grade 5 English Quiz

Grade 5 English Quiz

Grade 5 English Test – What we provide?

grade 5 english quiz

Hey, friend lets test our knowledge and learn with fun from English quiz for Class 5 students. We are here providing you important and helpful content for Grade 5 English questions and answers. English quiz in MCQ form which improvise English learning skills for Class 5 kids who are very keen to learn. The content includes English grammar quiz for grade 5 students which is full of knowledge for year 5 students.

Here we provide simple and easy to understand question and answers which include 25 questions for English quiz for grade 5 students which will be helpful for them to improve their English learning skills. We provide NCERT solution related question and answers for year 5 students those English quiz would helpful for ICSE boards students as well, ultimately it would provide platform for grade 5 kids to learn English with fun. As we all aware, English GK trivia quiz will helpful to Grade 5 kids for English Olympiad exam preparation. Hence, let’s start the journey to learn English with SHIV KIDS EDUCATION.

In this website,You are going to practice for English MCQ for class 5 students in very easy way. You will get 25 questions with multiple choice. If you would like to check your answer is correct or not then click on Show Answer button. At the end of practice, you will get result out of 25 quizzes.

You can also get class 5 GK quiz, Class 5 Maths quiz and grade 5 Science quiz on our website SHIV KIDS EDUCATION. In addition, there are so many subject wise quizzes are available for different classes. Regularly, We would add more quiz for Year 5 English exercise so your children can do more practice about it. If you wish to do a practice of GK through video, Please click on Grade 5 English Test

Class 5 English Quiz
1. Which of these words contain a silent letter?

Show Answer island,write
2. Which silent letter can you put in front of the word ‘now’ to make a new word?


Show Answer K(Know)
3. Which word is a synonym of hard?

  Difficult Gentle

Show Answer Difficult
4. Which word is an antonym of sink?

  Droop Float

Show Answer Float
5. Which is compound sentence?
1. Reena will change the batteries in the radio tomorrow.
 2.The bowler bowled the ball, and the batsman hit it.  
Show Answer The bowler bowled the ball, and the batsman hit it.
6. Fill in the sentence with correct question word.
   _______ pen is this? Is it Rinku’s?
Show Answer Whose
7.Which suffix could be added to the end of the word ‘judge’?
Show Answer Judgement
8. Look at the word, then choose its correct plural.
Show Answer Pianos
9.Find the preposition in the following sentence.
   The sun shone brightly on the mountaintop.

  shone     On     brightly  

Show Answer On
10.Choose the sentence opener which could be added to the beginning of the sentence.
   ___ his fear of flying, Fenil booked a flight to India.
Show Answer Despite
11. Choose Look at the word, then choose its correct plural.
Show Answer Geese
12. Change below statement to a command.
  You should finish your homework by tomorrow.

Show Answer Finish your homework by tomorrow.
13. How would you turn below statement into a question?
  It is raining outside.

Show Answer Is it raining outside?
14. Find the verbs in the sentence.
  He went into the shop for a newspaper while we waited patiently outside.

Show Answer went, waited
15.Find How many syllables are in this word? Choose the correct number.

Show Answer 3(three) (Heav/i/ly)
16. Complete the sentence with the correct homophone.
  My friends and I _____ lunch at school.

by buy bye

Show Answer buy
17.Put the words in alphabetical order.
Show Answer Year, Yell, Yes, Yet
18. Select the three common nouns.
   My cat Luna hunts mice and small birds.

Show Answer Cat, mice and birds
19. Select the best pronoun to complete sentance.
  Roji is working with Meera and _____________on the computer project

me I

Show Answer me
20. Complete the sentence with the correct present tense form of to have
  __________they already seen the movie?

Have Had

Show Answer Have
21.Complete the sentence with the correct form of the verb.
  Mrs. Ambani has _______ up early every day this week.

woke woken

Show Answer woken
22.Which word is an antonym of healthy?
   Mom will love your surprise gift!

happy sick

Show Answer Sick
23. Complete the sentence with the correct homophone.
  The boat will soon _______ across the ocean.

sail sale

Show Answer sail
24.What does disappointment mean?

able to be disappointed
The result of disappointing

Show Answer The result of disappointing
25.Figure out what the real word is from given jumbled word.


Show Answer ANYONE

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Hopefully, You would love above quiz of Class 5 English. We are going to provide Grade 5 English test pdf soon. Enjoy here other topics as well by clicking on the below-given links, We ensure that you would have a wonderful GK Quizzing!

Happy Learning !!

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