Science Quiz for Grade 5

Science quiz for Grade 5

Science quiz for grade 5 – What we provide?

science quiz for grade 5

Hello Friends, let’s check your knowledge with Science Question Answers for Class 5 students. The quiz is in multiple-choice question (MCQ) format. It includes 25 questions which are based on unique science quiz which enhance knowledge of Grade 5 kids. We also include many references like NCERT which will help Year 5 kids to improve their knowledge of Science. Also include other courses like ICSE which improve skill of Grade 5 students who are very keen to learn something new. Class 5 students who are interested in Olympiad quiz will also get great help from this Science quiz. Now let’s begin our journey of learning from Science quiz for class 5 with Shiv Kids Education.

Let’s ask some question, What is the chemical formula of water OR How we measure air pressure?? OR How Sound travel?? OR What is satellite?? Answer of all these questions is only one SCIENCE. Then improve our skill with Science quiz for Grade 5 students

In this website, you are going to practice for Science MCQ for Class 5 students in very easy way. You will get 25 questions with multiple choice. If you would like to check your answer is correct or not then click on Show Answer button. At the end of practice, you will get result out of 25 quizzes.

You can also get class 5 GK quiz, Class 5 Math quiz and grade 5 Science quiz on our website SHIV KIDS EDUCATION. In addition, there are so many subject wise quizzes are available for different classes. Regularly, We would add more quiz for Year 5 Science exercise so your children can do more practice about it. If you wish to do a practice of class 5 science quiz through video ,Please click on grade 5 Science Test

Science trivia question answers

Science quiz for grade 5

1.Which of the following are causes of draught?
severe hot days
scarcity of rain fall
dry windy condition
Show Answer All of these
2.Which scale is used to measure the intensity of earthquake?
Ruler scale
Barometer scale
Richter scale
Show Answer Richter scale
3.Choose the False Statement from the following.
Matter is changeable from one form to another
Ice is heavier than water
Show Answer Ice is heavier than water
4. What is not present in space?
Show Answer Gravity
5.Ozone layer protects us from ___________.
Cosmic Rays
U.V. Rays
Show Answer U.V. Rays
6.Which of the following is an airplane fuel?
Natural Gas
Show Answer Petrol
7. Atmosphere is the part of earth which consists of ______.
Show Answer Air
8.Which of the following animals breathe through body holes?
Show Answer Grasshopper
9.Which of the following is not a state of matter?
Show Answer Glass
10.Which gas is filled in balloons?
Show Answer Helium

Science trivia questions and answers

11.What is the chemical formula for water?
Show Answer H2O
12.Which of the following is a non-poisonous snake?
Show Answer Python
13.Objects from nature are biodegradable.
Show Answer True
14.The people who are involved in study of earthquake are called?
Show Answer Seismologists
15.Which of the following items are soluble in water?
Salt and Sand
Sand and Sugar
Salt and Sugar
Show Answer Salt and Sugar

Science quiz for grade 5

16.What is Tsunami?
High tidal waves in sea beaches and costal areas
Flood plain
Show Answer High tidal waves in sea beaches and costal areas
17. Which instrument is used to measure Air pressure?
Show Answer Barometer
18.Which type of joint is present in our knees?
Ball and socket joint
Pivot joint
Hinge joint
Show Answer Hinge joint
19.Which one of the following reptiles come on to land to lay their eggs and bury the eggs in a hole in a sandy beach?
Sea turtle
Show Answer Sea turtle
20.Which of the following is not a pollutant?
Nitrous oxide
Water vapor
Sulphur dioxide
Show Answer Water vapor

Science quiz for grade 5

21.How can we measure the distance of stars from the earth?
Light Year
Show Answer Light Year
22.Which of the following animals use echo location?
Both of these
Show Answer Both of these
23.Which animal has the longest sleep hours?
Show Answer Sloth
24.A reading on Richter scale above which mark can do severe damage.
Show Answer 5
25.Which would be the best material for making the handle of the tea kettle?
Show Answer Wood

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Hopefully, Above all science class 5 questions would be useful for your science exam preparation. Enjoy here other topics as well by clicking on the below-given links, We ensure that you would have a wonderful GK Quizzing!

Happy Learning !!

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