Indian GK

This Website is helpful who are keen to practise Indian GK quiz or you can say India general knowledge questions and answers. It’s very useful for all indian student.

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Indian GK Quiz

1. What is the national animal of india?
2. What is the national bird of india?
Show Answer Peacock

Indian GK quiz

3. What is the national flower of india?
4. What is the national game of india?
Show Answer Hockey
5. What is the national fruit of india?
6. What is the national river of india?
7. What is the national antham of india?
Show Answer Jan-Gan-Man
8. What is the national emblem of india?
Show Answer Lion Capital of Ashoka
9. What is the aquatic animal of india?
Show Answer River Dolphin
10. What is the national heritage animal of india?
Show Answer Elephant
11. What is the national flag of india?
Show Answer Tiranga
12. What is the national song of india?
Show Answer Vande Matram
13. What is the national tree of india?
Show Answer Banyan Tree
14. What is the national information letter of india?
Show Answer White Letter
15. Who is the current president of india in 2020?
Show Answer Ramnath kovind
16. How many states are in india in 2019?
17. When do we celebrate independece day in india?
Show Answer 15th August
18. What is the national currency of india?
19. What is the capital city of india?
20. What is the national sentence of india?
Show Answer Satyamev jayate
21. Which is the largest district in India?
Show Answer Kutch, Gujarat
22. Which is the smallest district in India?
Show Answer Mahe, Puducherry
23. Which Indian state has the smallest coastline?
Show Answer West Bengal
24. Which is the smallest state in India?
25. In which state of India International kite festival celebrate?
Show Answer Gujarat

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