Grade 4 English Quiz

Grade 4 English Quiz

Grade 4 English Test – What we provide?

grade 4 english quiz

Hey, let’s test our knowledge and learn with fun from English quiz for Class 4 or English quiz for grade 4 kids/students. We are here to providing you important and helpful contain for Grade 4 English quiz question answers. English quiz in MCQ(Multiple choice questions) form which improvise English learning skills for Class 4 kids who are very keen to learn.

The content includes English grammar quiz (class 4 english quiz) for grade 4 students which is full of knowledge for year 4 students. Here we provide simple and easy to understand question and answers which include 25 questions for class 4 kids which will be helpful for them to improve their English learning skills.

We provide NCERT solution related question and answers for year 4 students those English quiz would helpful for ICSE boards students as well, ultimately it would provide platform for grade 4 kids to learn English with fun. As we all aware, English GK trivia quiz will helpful to Grade 4 kids for English Olympiad exam preparation. Hence, let’s start the journey to learn English with SHIV KIDS EDUCATION.

In this website, You are going to practice for English MCQ for class 4 students in very easy way. You will get 25 questions with multiple choice. If you would like to check your answer is correct or not then click on Show Answer button. At the end of practice, you will get result out of 25 quizzes.

You can also get class 4 GK quiz, Class 4 Maths quiz and grade 4 Science quiz on our website SHIV KIDS EDUCATION. In addition, there are so many subject wise quizzes are available for different classes. Regularly, We would add more quiz for Year 4 English exercise so your children can do more practice about it. If you wish to do a practice of GK through video, Please click on Grade 4 English Test

Class 4 English

Grade 4 english questions and answers

1. Find the adjective in this sentence.
The sound of the drill was terribly loud.

Show Answer loud
2. Complete the sentence with the correct adjective.
  Who is the _______ runner in the world?
more fastest

Show Answer fastest
3. Find the adverb in the following sentence.
   The team played poorly because many players were injured.

Show Answer poorly
4. Select the word from sentence which is NOT an adverb.
  The sunshine is _______ bright.


Show Answer shining
5. Which is compound sentence?

1. Reena will change the batteries in the radio tomorrow.
2. The bowler bowled the ball, and the batsman hit it.

Show Answer 2. The bowler bowled the ball, and the batsman hit it.
6. Find two articles from following sentence.
   Take a coat and an umbrella with you today.

Show Answer a, an
7.Choose the list that has been alphabetized correctly.

1. cat, frog, dog, elephant
2. elephant, dog, cat, frog
3. cat, dog, elephant, frog
4. frog, dog, elephant, cat

Show Answer 3. cat, dog, elephant, frog
8. Look at the word and then choose its antonym.

Show Answer Smooth
9. Select the best pronoun to complete the sentence.
She argued with ______ about the rules of the game.

Show Answer him
10. Complete the sentence with the correct form of the verb.
   My little sister______ four centimeters last year.

Show Answer grew

Class 4 english test

11. Look at each pair of underlined words and choose the correct contraction.
It is a long walk to the sea.

Show Answer It’s
12. Complete the sentence with the correct contraction.
The sweets belong to the teachers. They are the ________ sweets.

Show Answer teachers’
13. Change this statement into a question.
  You are ten years old today.
1. Are you ten years old today?
2. Are you ten years old today.

Show Answer 1. Are you ten years old today?
14. Complete the sentence with proper preposition.
   I was amazed ____ his brilliance.

Show Answer at
15. Complete What is the past tense of put? 

Show Answer put
16. Find incorrect word from following sentence.
Its my first time playing cricket.

Show Answer Its
17. Unscramble the following word.

Show Answer pupil
18. Find plural form of the following word.


Show Answer Monkeys
19. What is the action verb in the following sentence.
  The Dog broke his leg.


Show Answer broke
20. Complete the sentence with the best conjunction.
A red butterfly has four wings ______ no tail.

Show Answer but

Class 4 english quiz

21. Which sentence is in the past tense?
1. Reena balanced on one foot.
2. I admire your courage.

Show Answer 1. Reena balanced on one foot.
22. Read the sentence and decide where the commas(,) belong.
  You can choose swimming cricket or football.
You, can

Show Answer swimming,
23. Find the compound word in the following sentence.
   My sister looked in her handbag for a tissue.

Show Answer handbag (hand+bag)
24. Complete the sentence with the correct helping verb.
Take your medicine or you ________ sneezing all day !
will be

Show Answer will be
25.Read the sentence and find the preposition.
Lisa shared her good news with us.

Show Answer with

Grade 4 Words and their meanings

26. Find the word that is average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree.

Show Answer moderate
27. capable of bending easily without breaking.

Show Answer flexible
28. notably large in size, amount, or extent.

Show Answer considerable
29. a solemn promise or undertaking.

Show Answer pledge
30. feeling or showing tiredness, especially as a result of excessive exertion or lack of sleep.

Show Answer weary
31. a long journey by air, land, or sea.

Show Answer voyage
32. strips of foil or other shiny material used as a decoration.

Show Answer tinsel
33. wild or distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion.

Show Answer frantic
34. point out; show

Show Answer indicate
35. unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom.

Show Answer restless

Class 4 Jumbled Words

36. Freedom from fear or danger; safety.
   iceryust ________________

Show Answer security
37. An offer of marriage.
   plapoosr ________________

Show Answer proposal
38. To come into view; become visible.
   apprae ________________

Show Answer appear
39. In, from, or having to do with a country that is not one’s own
   rnfgoie ________________

Show Answer foreign
40. A sea vessel that can travel under water.
   mresbunai ________________

Show Answer submarine
41. Forward movement toward an end.
   oegsrprs ________________

Show Answer progress
42. To come into view; become visible.
   apprae ________________

Show Answer appear
43. What one thinks about something or somebody; viewpoint.
   oiopnni ________________

Show Answer opinion
44. To bring back into the mind from memory; recall.
   eremmrbe ________________

Show Answer remember
45. The figure made by two lines coming from a single point.
   ganel ________________

Show Answer angle

Grade 4 Word definitions – Select the best definition for each word.

46. terrified
to fill with great fear
to rip or fall apart

Show Answer to rip or fall apart
47. tease
to make fun of or try to annoy
to explore a new place

Show Answer to make fun of or try to annoy
48. weary
well rested
tired or fatigued

Show Answer tired or fatigued
49. queasy
a cheese snack
feeling sick to one’s stomach

Show Answer feeling sick to one’s stomach
50. jagged
a smooth finish
having points that are sharp

Show Answer having points that are sharp
51. gallop
to ride a horse at full speed
to feel extreme warmth

Show Answer to ride a horse at full speed
52. fair
without showing favor or advantage
a soft material made of cotton

Show Answer without showing favor or advantage
53. malfunction
to be hungry
to fail to work or function

Show Answer to fail to work or function
54. nervous
being anxious or fearful
to feel calm

Show Answer being anxious or fearful
55. cable
a drawing found in museums
a strong rope made of steel

Show Answer a strong rope made of steel

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