Class 1 GK Questions

Class 1 GK Questions

General knowledge is a basic requirement to practically everyone. When children are young, their minds are very broad, and they are very curious to know how the world around them works. General Knowledge is one key thing that if your child knows he/she can not only do exceptionally well in academics, and not only that. As I said, if you start them from a young age such as first grade or first year, it will help them a lot. So here, at Shiv Kids Education, we present to you Class 1 GK Questions which will boost your child’s general knowledge in no time and test it as well.

Your child’s curiosity – which is very important not only when you are young – will grow and it will help him further on in life. It is very fun and interactive, and I can assure you that your child will enjoy it as well. Have Fun!

Class 1 GK
1. How many days do we have in the month of February in a leap year?
Show Answer 29 Days
2. Which is the fastest land animal on earth?
Show Answer Cheetah
3. How many weeks are there in a calendar year?
Show Answer 52 Weeks
4. How many fingers are there in a human body in single hand?
Show Answer Four Fingers
5. How many playing cards are there in a pack of cards?
Show Answer 52 Cards
6. Which is the tallest mountain in the world?
Show Answer Mount Everest
7. Which country is known as land of rising sun?
8. What is the second color from the top in a rainbow?
Show Answer Orange
9. How many minutes are there in a hour?
10. How many days are there in a calendar year(excluding a leap year)?
Show Answer 365 days

Class 1 GK quiz – More Questions

11. Which is the longest river in world?
12. What do you call a shape with 3 sides?
Show Answer Triangle
13. What is the fifth month of the year?
14. Which animal has white and black stripes on its body?
Show Answer Zebras
15. Which star gives us light?
Show Answer The Sun
16. How many planets are there in our solar system?
Show Answer 8 Planets
17. Which is the nearest star to earth?
Show Answer Alpha Centauri
18. How many hours are in a day?
19. What is the name of our galaxy?
Show Answer Milky Way Galaxy
20. Which is the heaviest animal on the earth?
Show Answer The blue whale
21. How many continent are in world?
Show Answer 7 Continents
22. Which is the smallest continent in the world?
Show Answer Australia
23. The baby of cat is called?
Show Answer Kitten
24. The baby of dog is called?
25. Which animal is known as the “Ship of the desert”?

Class 1 GK Questions – What we provide?

general-knowledge-for-kids-class 1 GK

Here we have compiled some simple, interesting and important Class 1 GK Questions. Initially, Shiv kids education is provided top 25 GK questions to test your kids knowledge. During the test, you can see the answer to a particular question by clicking on the “Show Answer” button located beside the question. You can see all the answers at a once by ticking “All Show Answer” checkbox is available at the top right corner. Regularly, We would add more quiz of Class 1 GK Questions for class 1 students so your children can do more practice about it. If you wish to do a practice of GK through video, Please click on Class 1 GK Questions

GK for Class 1

In case, If you are looking for some other topics of General knowledge like Animal GK, Solar System GK, Interesting facts about animals and birds, Science GK, Computer GK, Logical maths riddles, General Riddles, World’s Top 10, Sports GK, Inventors, and their invention, Please do visit our YouTube channel by clicking on Shiv Kids Education.

After clicking on the above URL, You will reach to our YouTube channel named “Shiv Kids Education” with a Home page that contains recently added videos. You can access all videos by clicking on the “VIDEOS” tab over there and can also view playlist videos by hitting the “PLAYLIST” tab option.

Enjoy here other topics as well by clicking on the below-given links, We ensure that you would have a wonderful GK Quizzing!

Happy Learning !!

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