Science Quiz for Grade 3

Science quiz for Grade 3

Science quiz for class 3 – What we provide?

Science quiz for Grade 3

Hello, Friends …let’s begin our journey to learn something new and test our knowledge with Science Quiz for Grade 3 students. The quiz is in format of multiple-choice question (MCQ) format. It includes 25 questions which are based on unique science quiz which enhance knowledge of grade 3 kids. We also include many references like NCERT which will help year 3 kids to improve their knowledge. Also include other courses like ICSE which improve skill of students who are very keen to learn something new. Science Quiz for Grade 3 students who are interested in Olympiad quiz will also get great help from this science quiz. Now let’s begin our journey of new learning with Shiv Kids Education.

Have you ever wonder why human blood is red in color?? OR why rainbow has seven colors?? OR how does thousands of cells of a living body work together?? OR why anything which we throw fall downwards?? Answer of all these questions is only one SCIENCE.

In this website, you are going to practice for English MCQ for class 3 students in very easy way. You will get 25 questions with multiple choice. If you would like to check your answer is correct or not then click on Show Answer button. At the end of practice, you will get result out of 25 quizzes.

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Science trivia questions

Science Quiz for Grade 3

1.What does the kidney throw out from the body?

Show Answer Urine
2. Which of the following is a man made thing?

Plastic Water Soil

Show Answer Plastic
3.We inhale our air through ______________.

Show Answer Nose
4. In which place do living organisms live?
Show Answer Habitat
5. Which one of the following can prepare their own food?
Green Plants
Show Answer Green Plants
6.Which characteristic is not seen in non-living organisms?
Show Answer Growth
7. Which of the following animal’s milk is not used for drinking?
Show Answer Horse
8. The animals that can live in water as well as land are called _____________.

Reptiles Amphibians

Show Answer Amphibians
9. Which gas is released during the photosynthesis?

Oxygen Carbon Dioxide

Show Answer Oxygen
10. Human body is made up of different body parts called _____.

Heart Organ Skin

Show Answer Organ

Science trivia questions and answers

11. Which of the following is not an external body organ?

Lung Nose Ear

Show Answer Lung
12. Which of the following is not a pet animal?

Rabbit Dog Giraffe

Show Answer Giraffe
13. Which of the following is an herbivour?

Goat Lion

Show Answer Goat
14. The heart is located inside our _______.

Brain Chest Thai

Show Answer Chest
15.Which of the following organ controls the whole body and help us to think?
Show Answer Brain

Science Quiz for Grade 3

16.A balloon can grow in size; does it mean it is living?

Yes No

Show Answer No
17. Small plants that creeps of ground are called ______.
Show Answer Creepers
18. Which mineral is essential for strong bone and teeth?
Show Answer Calcium
19.The process of producing young ones like themselves is called ________.

Reproduction Regeneration

Show Answer Reproduction
20. How does sound travel?
Through Light wave
Through Air particles
Show Answer Through Air particles
21. Which of these is not a light source?

Tree Light Bulb Fireflies

Show Answer Tree
22.What are the ends of a magnet called?

Points Tips Poles

Show Answer Poles
23. Which is the longest part of the digestive system?

Stomach Intestines

Show Answer Intestines
24. Which of these is NOT a liquid?
Water Vapor
Orange Juice
Show Answer Water Vapor
25. Which is biggest planet in our solar system?

Saturn Jupiter

Show Answer Jupiter

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