Science quiz for class 2

Science quiz for class 2

Science quiz for class 2 – What we provide?

Science quiz for class 2

Here we have compiled some simple and interesting Science quiz for class 2 students. Initially, Shiv kids education is provided top 25 science trivia questions for class 2 to test your kids knowledge. During the test, You can see the answer to a particular question by clicking on the “Show Answer” button is located below the question. You can see all the answers at a once by ticking “Show All Answer” checkbox is available at the top beside the “Questions” text. It would help your children to enhance their knowledge of class 2 Science. Regularly, We would add more quiz for class 2 students so your children can do more practice about it. If you wish to do practice through video, Please click on Science quiz for class 2

Science trivia questions
1. A table can not move because it is a _______ thing?

Living Non-living

Show Answer Non-living thing
2. Which is flowering plant?

Hibiscus Grass

Show Answer Hibiscus
3. How many sense organs are there in our body?

Show Answer 5(Five)
4. Pigs eat plants and other animals. Pigs are ___.
Show Answer Omnivores
5. How many muscles do we have in our body?
More than 600
Show Answer More than 600 muscles
6.How many kidneys do we have in our body?

Show Answer 2 (Two)
7. What is the colored part of the eye?
The pupil
The Iris
The retina
Show Answer The Iris
8. When the weather stay same for a long period of time it is called _______.

winter season spring

Show Answer Season
9. Which is largest planet on our solar system?

Jupiter Earth Mars

Show Answer Jupiter
10. Which things need air, water and food?

Pen Plants Chair

Show Answer Plants

Science trivia questions and answers

11. Which of these is a material?

Table Wood

Show Answer Wood
12. Non-living thing made by man are _____ things.

Man-made natural

Show Answer Man-made
13. What fruit has only one seed?

Watermelon Lychee

Show Answer Lychee
14. If there is no water, Seeds will ________.

not grow grow healthy

Show Answer not grow
15. What do animals need to stay alive?
Show Answer All- water, air and food
16.We can see with the help of ________.

eyes nose ears

Show Answer eyes
17. What do bones make when they fit together?
Show Answer Skeleton
18. What should we do to be fit and healthy?
Eat junk food
Eat healthy food
Show Answer Eat healthy food
19. Bones and muscles help us to _____.

run swim walk

Show Answer All of these
20. We can smell with the help of ________.

eyes ears nose

Show Answer nose
21. What does a living thing breath in?

Air Water Food

Show Answer Air
22.Which of the following is natural thing?

Airplane Rock TV

Show Answer Rock
23. Which of these is a man-made thing?

Box Fox

Show Answer Box
24. Mountains and clouds are ____________.
Show Answer Natural
25. What is the earth?

Planet Galaxy Star

Show Answer Planet

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Hopefully, Above science class 2 questions would be useful for your science exam preparation. Enjoy here other topics as well by clicking on the below-given links, We ensure that you would have a wonderful GK Quizzing!

Happy Learning !!

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