Maths quiz for class 2

Maths quiz for class 2

Maths quiz for class 2 – What we provide?

Maths quiz for class 2

Here we have compiled some simple and interesting Maths quiz for class 2 students. Initially, Shiv kids education is provided top 25 math quiz for class 2 to test your kids knowledge. During the test, You can see the answer to a particular question by clicking on the “Show Answer” button is located below the question. You can see all the answers at a once by ticking “All Show Answer” checkbox is available at the top beside the “Questions” text. It would help your children to enhance their knowledge of class 2 Maths. Hope , You would love given maths quiz questions for class 2. Regularly, We would add more quiz for class 2 students so your children can do more practice about it. If you wish to do a practice of GK through video, Please click on Maths quiz for class 2

Quiz for class 2 maths

1. Is 84 even or odd?

Even Odd

Show Answer Even
2. How do you write this number using Digit?

Nine Hundred and sixty one

Show Answer 961
3. What comes just after 435?
Show Answer 436
4. In 379, the place value of 7 is _____.

Ones Tens Hundreds

Show Answer Tens
5. Four Hundred and one can be written in digit as _____.

41 401 4001

Show Answer 401
6. 532, 542, _____,562. What is the missing number in pattern?
Show Answer 552
7. Shipra skip-counted by tens, starting at 10. Could she have said the number 60?

Yes No

Show Answer Yes
8. What is 200 more than 646?

 746   846   946 

Show Answer 846
9. Put these numbers in order from smallest to largest.

 85   56   65 

Show Answer 56, 65, 85
10. Which number makes the equation true?
? + 4 = 8 + 5

Show Answer 9
11. How many Saturdays are there in January?

4 5 6

Show Answer 5
12. Which months just come before 8th month?

May August July

Show Answer July
13. Subtract 65 – 48 = ?

15 13 17

Show Answer 17
14. How many days does August have?

29 30 31

Show Answer 31
15. How many whole weeks are in a month?

3 4 5

Show Answer 4
16. 1 fortnight = __ days.

7 10 15

Show Answer 15 days
17. Complete the sentence with article ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’.
Did you see ____ moon last night?
Show Answer the
18. Sujata is playing in the evening? Is it A.M. or P.M.?
Show Answer P.M.
19. Multiplication is ___________.
Repeated Subtraction
Repeated Addition
Show Answer Repeated Subtraction
20. 11.50 + 10.20 = ?
Show Answer 21.70
21. Add

Show Answer 73
22. I have a one in the ones place. I am greater than 41 but less than 57. What number am I?
Show Answer 51
23. What has been done to this elephant?

Flip Turn Slide

Show Answer Flip
24. What 3D shape is this?

Cone Cylinder Cube

Show Answer Cube
25. I am odd number. I have 8 on tens place. I am greater than 81 but less than 85. What number am I?

Show Answer 83

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