English vocabulary with meaning in hindi

English vocabulary with meaning in hindi Part-1

Shiv kids education is provided basic English Vocabulary meaning in hindi, We have covered here around 100 very basic English vocabulary with meaning in hindi. Hopefully, it would help people who are at the beginner level and willing to learn English from scratch. Please click on 100 English Basic Vocabulary to see video.

English vocabulary with Hindi meaning

Vocabulary meaning in hindi – hindi words for class 1

All – सब

And – और , तथा

Ask – पूछना

Any – कोई भी

As – जैसा

Ball – गेंद

Be – होना

Bed – बिस्तर

Big – बड़ा

Book – पुस्तक

Box – डिब्बा

Boy – लड़का

But – परंतु, लेकिन

Best – श्रेष्ठ

Bike – बाइक

Bird – पंछी

Black – काला

Blue – नीला

Boat – नाव

Can – कर सकते हैं

Car – गाड़ी

Cat – बिल्ली

Come – आना

Cow – गाय

Child – बच्चा

City – शहर

Clean – स्वच्छ

Cold – ठंड, सर्दी

Dad – पिता

Day – दिन

Did – किया

Do – करना

Dog – कुत्ता

Each – प्रत्येक

Eat – भोजन लेना

Egg – अंडा

English vocabulary with Hindi meaning

Word meaning for class 1 and word meaning for class 2

End – समाप्त

Fat – मोटी

For – के लिये

Fun – आनंद

Get – प्राप्त

Go – जाओ

Good – अच्छा

Goat – बकरी

Had – था

Hat – टोपी

He – वह

Hen – मुर्गी

Here – यहाँ

Him – उसे

His – उसके

Home – घर

Hot – गरम

I- टपकना,गिरना

If – अगर

In – में

Into – के अंदर

Is – है

It – यह, वह

Ice – बर्फ

Let – चलो

Like – पसंद

Look – नज़र

Man – आदमी

May – हो सकता है

Me – मुझे

Mom – माँ

My – मेरे

No – नहीं

Not – नहीं

Of – का,की

Old – पुराना

English vocabulary with Hindi meaning

Word meaning for class 1 english to hindi

On – पर

One – एक

Out – बाहर

Pan – कड़ाही

Pet – पालतू

Pig – सूअर

Play – खेल

Ran – भाग गया

Rat – चूहा

Red – लाल

Ride – सवारी

Run – दौड़ना

Sat – बैठ गया

See – देखना

She – वह, यह

Sit – बैठिये

Six – छह

So – इसलिए

Stop – रुकें

Sun – सूरज

Ten – दस

This – यह

Top – ऊपर

Toy – खिलौना

Two – दो

Us – हमें

Was – था

We – हम

Were – थे

What – क्या

Yes – हाँ

You – आप, तुम

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Hopefully, this article would be beneficial to learn English vocabulary with meaning in Hindi for class 1 to class 2 students. Going forward, you will get same kind of article (English vocabulary with meaning in Hindi for class 2 to class 3 students). Enjoy here other topics as well by clicking on the below-given links, We ensure that you would have a wonderful learning experience!

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