Inventor And Their Inventions

Inventor and their inventions

Inventor and their inventions
1. Who invented light bulb?
Show Answer Thomas Elwa Edison
2. Who invented Airplane?
Show Answer Wright Brothers
3. Who invented Air-conditioner?
Show Answer Willis Carrier
4. Who invented Telephone?
Show Answer Alexander Graham bell
5. Who invented Mobile Phone?
Show Answer Martin Cooper
6. Who is called father of computer?
Show Answer Charles Babbage
7. Who invented Telescope?
Show Answer Galileo Galilei
8. Who invented Television?
Show Answer John Logie Baird
9. Who invented Gravity?
Show Answer Isaac Newton
10. Who is known as father of English poetry?
Show Answer Geoffrey Chaucer

Invention – More quiz

11. Who is known as father of Geometry?
Show Answer Euclid
12. Who Invented Super computer?
Show Answer Seymour Cray
13. Who invented Refrigerator?
Show Answer Oliver Evans
14. Who invented the BALLPOINT PEN?
Show Answer Biro Brothers
15. Who invented ceiling fans?
Show Answer Philip Diehl
16. Who invented Radio?
Show Answer Guglielmo Marconi
17. Who invented Stethoscope?
Show Answer René Laennec
18. Who invented Radium?
Show Answer Marie Curie
19. Who invented Electricity?
Show Answer Benjamin Franklin
20. Who invented Pedal Bicycle?
Show Answer Kirkpatrick Macmillan
21. Who invented Calculator?
Show Answer Blaise Pascal
22. Who invented Hydrogen Bomb?
Show Answer Edward Teller
23. Who invented Steam Engine?
Show Answer James Watt
24. Who invented Google?
Show Answer Larry Page
25. Who invented Pedal Paper?
Show Answer Cai Lun

Information about inventor and inventions

inventor and their inventions

People who discover new technology or new methods of doing things which improve human lifestyle are called inventors. The new technologies or things which they develop are inventions. There are several famous inventor and their inventions that we need to know.

The invention can be a product such as tools, technologies, equipment, Materials etc. or it can be process like as manufacturing process, control procedures etc. It is developed from lots of studies and series of experimentation.

Have you ever been through about how they would have invented great things! Inventing isn’t just about coming up with a great idea; that’s the easy part! There is also the matter of turning an idea into a product that sells enough to regain the cost of putting it on the market. The history of technology is, in many ways, a story of great inventors and their brilliant inventions. Think of Thomas Edison and the light bulb, Henry Ford and the mass-produced car, or, more recently, Tim Berners-Lee and the World Wide Web.

Inventions are contributed tremendously in human life, it provides comforts, improve human life style, save the human time and efforts, solves daily problems and make human life easy.

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