Logical Quiz

Logical Maths Quiz

1. Which is the biggest one digit number?
Show Answer 9 (Nine)
2. If any number is multiply with 0 then what will be answered?
Show Answer Zero (0)
3. How many prime numbers are between 1 to 10 ?
Show Answer 4 (Four) => 2, 3, 5 & 7
4. What 2D shape has 3 sides?
Show Answer A Triangle
5. If any number is added with 0 then what will be answered?
Show Answer Number Itself
6. What is the smallest two digit number?
Show Answer 10 (Ten)
7. (-5) is natural number.True/False?
8. 10/2 is Odd number. True/False?
9. 1, 4, 9, 16,___?
10. 20 * (10 – X) = 160. What is the value of X?
Show Answer 2 (Two)
11. What is the smallest ODD number between 22 to 34?
Show Answer 23 (Twenty Three)
12. ___ Half hours = 2 quarter hours ?
Show Answer 1 Half Hour
13. What is the smallest prime number between 51 to 100?
Show Answer 53 (Fifty Three)
14. Which shape has 12 edges?
Show Answer Cuboid
15. 1, __ , 9, 27, 81. Find the missing digit in this series.
Show Answer 3 (Three)
16. 270 __ 658 / 6 . fill the blank. > Or <
Show Answer (Greater Than)
17. 20 * (5 + 6) is Odd or Even?
Show Answer 20 * (5 + 6)=220 Even
18. What is the lowest common multiple of 11 and 9?
Show Answer 99 (Ninety Nine)
19. What number is 2/6 of 6 ?
Show Answer 2 (Two)
20. What is 1,857 rounded to the nearest ten?
21. What is the smallest even number between 15 to 36?
Show Answer 16 (Sixteen)
22. How much time is between 10:30 am to 11:35 am?
Show Answer 1 hour 5 mins
23. What is the biggest prime number between 1 to 100?
Show Answer 97 (Ninety Seven)
24. Which is more, 1 gram or 1,669 milligrams?
Show Answer 1669 milligram
25. 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, ?
Show Answer 36 (Thirty-Six)

Importance of Maths

Do you realize the importance of maths in our daily life? Mathematics is applied to every aspect, field, and profession. It’s very important in our daily life, without mathematics, there is nothing you can do. Everything around us is mathematics, we can’t imagine anything like Transportation, Medical, Construction, Science, Music, Computer, Mobile, etc. without maths. Maths is everywhere – helping your child get dressed, baking together, going to the shops, singing counting songs, building with blocks – practically every activity we do with our children involves maths. All we need to do as parents are find the learning opportunities in these activities and we’ll be helping our children develop into happy and confident mathematicians!

We can get the following benefits through maths

1. Explore problem-solving skills

2. Develop the ability to think

3. Improve logical reasoning skills

4. Enhance analytical skill

5. Expand creative thinking

6. Develop explanation power

7. Sharpen our minds

8. Makes you smarter

9. Enhance our understanding of finance

10. Increase the probability of excelling in a professional career

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