Grade 6 English Quiz

Grade 6 English Quiz

Grade 6 English Quiz – What we provide?

grade 6 english quiz

Hey, friend lets test our knowledge and learn with fun from English quiz for Class 6 students. We are here to providing you important and helpful content for Grade 6 English questions and answers. English quiz in MCQ form which improvise English learning skills for Class 6 kids who are very keen to learn. The content includes English grammar quiz for grade 6 students which is full of knowledge for year 6 students.

Here we provide simple and easy to understand question and answers which include 25 questions for English quiz for grade 6 students which will be helpful for them to improve their English learning skills. We provide NCERT solution related question and answers for year 6 students those English quiz would helpful for ICSE boards students as well, ultimately it would provide platform for grade 6 kids to learn English with fun. As we all aware, English GK trivia quiz will helpful to Grade 6 kids for English Olympiad exam preparation. Hence, let’s start the journey to learn English with SHIV KIDS EDUCATION.

In this website,You are going to practice for English MCQ for class 6 students in very easy way. You will get 25 questions with multiple choice. If you would like to check your answer is correct or not then click on Show Answer button. At the end of practice, you will get result out of 25 quizzes.

You can also get class 6 GK quiz, Class 6 Maths quiz and grade 6 Science quiz on our website SHIV KIDS EDUCATION. In addition, there are so many subject wise quizzes are available for different classes. Regularly, We would add more quiz for Year 6 English exercise so your children can do more practice about it. If you wish to do a practice of GK through video, Please click on Grade 6 English Test

Class 6 English Quiz
1.Which word is a synonym of disturb?

Show Answer bother
2.Select the synonym of the word in bold.
We were asked lots of difficult questions.

Show Answer Hard
3. Which word is an antonym of ancient?

Show Answer new
4.Select the antonym of the word in bold.
I was shocked by her rude behavior.

Show Answer polite
5. In the sentence below, which words are adjectives?
   Aarush saw two, big, black, scary dogs
 big, black, scary  
 two, big, black, scary  

Show Answer two, big, black, scary
6.Complete the sentence with the correct forms of the adjectives.
   The Missouri river is …….. river in the USA, but the river Nile is …….. it.
 the longest, longer than  
 the longest, longest than  

Show Answer the longest, longer than
7.Select the Adverb from below Sentence.
   He ran quickly in last year’s race.
  Show Answer quickly
8.Select the three Adverbs from below Sentence.
   He started slowly then ran quickly and finished early.
 slowly, quickly, early  
 slowly, quickly, finished  

Show Answer slowly, quickly, early
9.Select the one proper noun from the following sentence.
   India is huge country with a wide range of landforms.

Show Answer India
10.State whether the verb in the sentence is past, present or future.
  Krish skipped school two times last week.

Show Answer skipped-past
11. For the blank in the sentence below, find the word that shows the correct possessive.
   Sana sat squarely on the _______ bench.

Show Answer piano’s
12. Choose the answer that shows the correct usage of the colon or the semicolon.
  Dear Miss Dixon I would like to remind you of a problem.
1.Dear Miss Clark: I would like to remind you of a problem.
2.Dear, Miss Clark; I would like to remind you of a problem.

Show Answer 1.Dear Miss Clark: I would like to remind you of a problem.
13.What does the prefix ‘Oct’ (as in ‘Octopus’) mean?

Show Answer eight
14.Choose which answer tells us the correct structure of the sentence.
  Niki found a dress to wear at the wedding that matched her shoes.

Show Answer Complex
15. For the sentence below, determine which type of sentence it is and which mark should be used.
  Can We have some money to go to the movies __

Show Answer Interrogative(?)

Grade 6 English quiz

16. What is the Antonym of given word.

Show Answer laugh
17.Complete the sentence with the verb in the past tense.
   We _____ a picnic to the park. (BRING)

Show Answer brought
18.Read the following direct speech sentence and convert them into indirect speech.
   Rihan told to me, “When are you leaving?”

Show Answer Rihan asked me when I was leaving.
19.Read the following indirect speech sentence and convert them into direct speech
  Rag said that he might go there.

Show Answer Rag said, “I may go there.”
20.Identify common noun in the given sentence.
  I did not go to school yesterday as I was sick.

Show Answer School
21. Identify & Capitalize proper noun in the following sentence.
  I think the new boy is from south america.

Show Answer South America
22. Select the abstract noun to complete the following sentence.
   Nisha offered Nitesh ………….. of her help at the concert.

Show Answer reassurance
23. Choose the sentence opener which could be added to the beginning of the sentence.
  _________ his fear of flying, Jenil booked a flight to India.

Show Answer Despite
24.Complete the sentence with the best conjunction.
  Our apple tree is tiny, _____ it produces over one hundred apples every year.

Show Answer yet
25.Complete the sentence with the correct contraction.
  _______ been waiting for Maryam to get here so we can leave for the festival.

Show Answer We’ve

Grade 6 English quiz

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