Grade 2 English Test

Grade 2 English Test

Grade 2 English Test – What we provide?

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Here we have compiled some simple and interesting Class 2 English quiz for students. Initially, Shiv kids education is provided top 25 class 2 English exercises to test your kids knowledge. During the test, You can see the answer to a particular question by clicking on the “Show Answer” button is located below the question. You can see all the answers at a once by ticking “All Show Answer” checkbox is available at the top beside the “Questions” text. It would help your children to enhance their knowledge of Class 2 English. Regularly, We would add more quiz for Year 2 English exercise so your children can do more practice about it. If you wish to do a practice of GK through video, Please click on Grade 2 English Test

Class 2 English
1. Find the one consonant from given word?


Show Answer t
2. Find the one vowel from given word?


Show Answer i
3. Complete the rhyme.
  We all Vote to get a pet ____

goat cat

Show Answer We all Vote to get a pet goat.
4. Fill in the silent letter to complete word.

b k w

Show Answer
5. Complete the word to match the picture.

kp mp st

Show Answer Lamp
6. Which word makes more sense in the sentence?
  It will ____ and then grow into a big plant.

sprout stroke

Show Answer sprout
7. Which kind of sentence is this?
  Tomorrow I will buy some new clothes.

A question A statement

Show Answer A statement
8. Which word does not rhyme?

 sing   mud   ring 

Show Answer mud
9. Select the one word that makes up the subject.
  Turtles live in water.

Show Answer Turtles
10. Which is complete sentence?
1. Draws a beautiful picture.
2. Shilpa aunt has a new baby.
Show Answer 2. Shilpa aunt has a new baby.

Year 2 English Exercise – More

11. Which word matches the picture?

cub cube

Show Answer cube
12. Which kind of sentence is this?
  May I help you sir?

A question A command

Show Answer A question
13. Put the words in correct order to make sentence.

birds. are Peacocks

Show Answer Peacocks are birds.
14. Find the one noun.

above table into

Show Answer table
15. Find the one proper noun.
DPS school
Show Answer DPS school
16. Is the noun in bold singular or plural?

The man lived in that house.

Show Answer singular
17. Complete the sentence with article ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’.
Did you see ____ moon last night?
Show Answer the
18. Identify pronoun from sentence.

I am busy at school today.

Show Answer I
19. Complete the sentence with action verb.
   Aarush _______ a picture of mouse.

good painted

Show Answer painted
20. Complete the sentence with best contraction.
  ____ go to India in school vacation.

We’ll I’m

Show Answer We’ll
21. Complete the word to match the picture.


Show Answer C
22. Identify the statement.
1. Do not feed those birds!
2. Krish is a great cricketer.
Show Answer 2. Krish is a great cricketer.
23. Complete the sentence with best question word.
______ is that boy?

When Who

Show Answer Who is that boy?
24. Complete the sentence with best word.
   We eat dinner at the _____ table.

Know because round

Show Answer round
25. Which sentence is right?
1. Rashi and I ate with Nita.
2. Rashi and i ate with Nita.
Show Answer 1. Rashi and I ate with Nita.

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Hopefully, You would love above quiz of Class 2 English. We are going to provide Grade 2 English test pdf soon. Enjoy here other topics as well by clicking on the below-given links, We ensure that you would have a wonderful GK Quizzing!

Happy Learning !!

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