Christmas Quiz

Christmas quiz questions and answers

Christmas quiz questions and answers

Christmas quiz questions and answers

Here we have compiled some simple and interesting Christmas quiz questions and answers. Initially, Shiv kids education is provided top 25 Christmas quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge. During the test, You can see the answer to a particular question by clicking on the “Show Answer” button is located below the question. You can see all the answers at a once by ticking “All Show Answer” checkbox is available at the top beside the “Questions” text. It would help you to enhance your knowledge with lots of fun. Regularly, We would add more quiz on different subjects so you can do more practice about it. If you would like to do a practice of GK through video, Please click on Christmas quiz questions and answers

1. On which date is Christmas celebrated every year?

Show Answer 25th December
2. Where does Santa Clause live?

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The North Pole
3. In which city was baby Jesus born?

Show Answer Bethlehem
4. Which was the first broadcast of a Christmas Carol in space?

Show Answer “Jingle Bells”
5. What day is Christmas Eve on?

Show Answer 24th December
6. What is the short version of Christmas known as?

Show Answer Xmas
7. What three small words of laughter did Father Christmas say?

Show Answer Ho! Ho! Ho!
8. What is the color of Santa’s Belt?

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9. Which is the most famous reindeer of all?

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10. Which are the 2 main colors in Christmas?

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   Red and Green
11. What is Santa Clause also known as?

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   Saint Nicholas
12. What is traditionally hidden inside a Christmas pudding?

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13. Which country started the tradition of putting a Christmas tree?

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14. When do the 12 days of Christmas start?

Show Answer On Christmas day
15. According to tradition, when should you have your Christmas decorations down by?

Show Answer January 5th
16. Which ocean can Christmas Island be found in?

Show Answer The Indian Ocean
17. What do people traditionally put on top of a Christmas tree?

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A star or an angel
18. What color is Santa’s suit?

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19. When were the first commercial Christmas Cards made?

Show Answer 1843, England
20. How many reindeers pull Santa’s sleigh?

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21. Who created the first strand of Christmas lights?

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   Thomas Edison in 1880
22. What was Santa Claus’ traditional English name?

Show Answer Father Christmas
23. Which country is the largest exporter of Christmas trees?

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The United States
24. People buy Artificial Christmas trees more than real ones.(True/False)

Show Answer TRUE
25. In Nativity, what sort of animal carried Mary to Bethlehem?

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