About Us

Shiv Kids education is an educational website that provides free online education especially to kids, Children, students, and all age of people who has a great desire to learn.

We offer a variety of general knowledge quiz and answer along with interesting facts on the following subjects

  • General GK
  • Science GK
  • Solar System GK
  • Animal GK
  • Interesting Facts about various animals and Birds
  • Computer GK
  • World’s Top 10
  • Educational Riddles
  • Indian GK
  • Cricket GK
  • Logical Maths GK

Besides, we provide online maths material for practicing to make learning easier and more efficient. It would be useful in both ways like either they do practice online or download / print worksheets and practice later offline.

We would like to provide a free online learning experience to students and all ages of persons.

We strongly believe that people across the world should firmly advocate environmental conservation that’s why we provide content-based online.

We should utilize digital platforms along with medium like computer, laptop & smart devices in such a way that paper and plastic can be greatly reduced from schools, offices, and homes.

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