Top 10 Technologies to Learn In 2023

10. Extended reality

It covers everything that falls under Aaugmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality

9. Edge computing 

It’s a distributed computing pattern that brings data storage and computation closer to the data source, thereby improving the response time and saving the bandwidth.

8. 5G /wifi

It’s a next generation of wireless technology that promises faster speeds and more reliable connections.

7. Blockchain 

It’s a ledger technology that stores transactions in a secure, orderly, and transparent way

6. Cyber security  

It’s used to protect connected devices from cyberattack

5. Robotics and automation   

It’s used to create machines to perform human task

4. IOT   

Internet of things

3. Quantum computing    

It takes advantage of quantum physics to develop new technology

2. Proof of work and proof of stake     

It’s used to create and add new blocks to the blockchain

1. AI and AI as a service   

Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service